Chinatown Music Studios is an artist run music space designed to give bands and musicians ample time to rehearse at an affordable rate. Unlike other studios charging up $20 per hour our rates start at half that and we also offer pay-per-month deals which allows additional access to music rooms.

The goal of Chinatown Music Studios is to have a comfortable place for your music to develop within. A room that you can use for ample amount of time at a low price so, session cost is never a the determining factor in your creative process.

The once bustling Fort street. Now a pedestrian mall. In the far back left of the photo sits the Blaisdell Hotel.

Chinatown Music Studios began in the Blaisdell Hotel (1154 Fort Street)which was build in 1912 on Fort street, a once busy multi-lane drag in the early era of Honolulu. Fort street has since become a street mall for small shops, resturants, cafes, and their many patrons. Our studios are located inside the hotel utilizing the now vacant hotel rooms. The energy of the building is unique and reminiscent of a lost era.

Javier, the elevator man.

Javier, the elevator man.

The building has the oldest elevator in Honolulu, and is still operational during the days.


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